Testing the future of sustainable nuclear energy

A new sustainable energy research centre will bring education, R&D and application analysis into a single institution.

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The new centre will create 185 new jobs and should become a landmark institution for research into sustainable nuclear energy.

Multidisciplinary project

Managed by the research company Centrum výzkumu Řež in partnership with the University of Western Bohemia, the project to establish the research centre aims to modernise and expand the research base in energy research, in particular sustainable nuclear energy.

A multidisciplinary project, the centre’s activities will include education, research and development, and application. The centre will coordinate four research programmes:

  1. Technological Experimental Circuits
  2. Structural and System Diagnostics
  3. Nuclear Fuel Cycle
  4. Material Research

These programmes will be divided further into areas of research activities, for example, research into fuel through the study of materials and components used in energy production, construction and operation of energy facilities and research into methods for the safe disposal of nuclear waste.

Building the centre

To develop the new centre, the project will construct three new buildings and extend or rebuild five existing buildings. Located at different sites in the Czech Republic, the centre will have a total area of over 11 000 m2.

The buildings will house equipment and instruments to support the research, for example experimental loops for developing new generation reactors and fusion-type reactors; structural and system diagnostics of power equipment in operation today; shielded laboratories for testing and measuring the properties of irradiated materials; analytical instruments of secondary ion mass spectrometry (SI-MS); and a laboratory for static and cyclic testing in a corrosion environment.

Targets for jobs and scientific results

By the end of 2015, the project expects to have delivered 422 scientific publications, 4 protected research and development results, 18 applied research results, 22 collaborative projects, 55 postgraduate students using the new centre and 185 new jobs in R&D. It is hoped that the centre will also contribute to the competitiveness of the Czech economy.

Total and EU funding

The costs of the “Sustainable Energy” project which are eligible for funding amount to EUR 100 219 918, of which the EU’s European Regional Development Fund is contributing EUR 85 186 930 for the programming period 2007-2013.

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