Step up for medical research in Czech Republic

A new research programme in the Czech town of Brno will improve our understanding of heart and brain diseases.

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200 researchers and 203 students are expected to take part in the new International Clinical Research Centre, which will become part of the St Anne's University Hospital, Brno.

Fighting major illnesses

Three main research programmes will make up the core of the new project. Together they will tackle some of today's most widespread and challenging diseases.

The first programme, known as CARDIO, will look into the early detection and advanced treatment of cardiovascular (heart) diseases. Research topics will include ultrasound devices, and systems for monitoring irregular and life-threatening heart beats known as arrhythmias.

A second programme, the NEURO programme, will focus on improving the diagnosis, therapy and hospitalisation of patients with acute neurological (brain) diseases. These will include dementia, acute strokes, and multiple sclerosis. Technologies to be studied include advanced x-ray and ultrasound devices.

The third main programme will group together research platforms in the cutting edge medical fields of biotechnology and experimental medicine. This will be used to support progress in the other two programmes.

Big-picture thinking

The International Clinical Research Centre will bring together experts from the fields of science, research, education, technology and medicine. It will be one of the 'multidisciplinary' projects known as the EU Centres of Excellence.

The Brno centre of excellent will bring benefits to patients, hospitals, universities and industry.

23 783 square metres of new research space will be built, divided into two buildings. EU funds will be used to adapt the new buildings to the needs of CARDIO and NEURO.

176 new jobs are likely to be created whilst the project is being established. A further 200 will be created once it is up and running.

Total and EU funding

The project "St. Anne's University Hospital Brno - International Clinical Research Centre" has a total eligible cost of EUR 100 552 721, with the EU's European Regional Development Fund contributing EUR 85 469 813 in the 2007-2013 programming period. A national contribution of EUR 101 785 281 has been made in addition to this.

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