Simplifying life on Czech roads

Construction of a short new strip of road in Eastern Europe will translate to lengthy positive benefits well beyond national borders.

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A new expressway in the North East of the Czech Republic aims at bringing social, environmental and economic benefits to a broad area of a beautiful European region. EU funds are being used to help build just over three kilometres of road close to both Bohemia and Moravia, with associated improvements to local and agricultural roads, along with new bridges and roundabouts.

The “Expressway R35 Hradec Králové (Sedlice) to Opatovice” is the first section of a planned four-lane expressway. The completed route will divert long-distance traffic away from city centres and other urban areas, cutting traffic times and travel costs in the process. Quality of life for local inhabitants and tourists will also be improved by a drop in traffic congestion, as well as by a corresponding increase in road safety. Air quality is expected to improve dramatically as traffic pollution decreases, adding to the environmental benefits of using modern sustainable construction technologies.

An important development for an important area

The new carriageway is located in the Pardubice Region, known for its textile and clothing industry, as well as for its agriculture and tourism sectors. The road is planned to travel towards the 13th century Bohemian town of Vysoké Mýto, widely known for its vast and lovely town square. It will also run in the direction of Olomouc, the historic capital of Moravia.

The carriageway will connect the two beautiful cities of Pardubice, on the river Elbe, and Hradec Králové, with the new Prague to Trutnov motorway. Trutnov itself lies close to the border with Poland. Northern Moravia and Slovakia can be reached to the east of the motorway.

The whole area is famous not only for its place in the history of Europe, but also for its food, culture and industry.

Vital statistics

As well as the 3 302 metre carriageway itself, the Czech road project will entail the construction of 16 bridges, a 630 metre roundabout, and 480 metre, multilevel ‘branch’ interchanges. 1 346 metres of local road will be relayed, as well as 2 422 metres of field roads. 35 jobs are likely to be created during the course of works.

The project is part of the part of the trans-European transport network, known as the TEN-T programme.

Total and EU funding

The project “Expressway R35 Hradec Králové (Sedlice) – Opatovice” has a total eligible cost of EUR 80 931 162, with the EU Cohesion Fund contributing EUR 29 974 677 over the period 2007-2013. A national contribution of EUR 50 956 485 was made on top of this. The project is funded through the priority "Construction and upgrading of the TEN-T motorway and road network" of the “Transport” Operational Programme.

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