Ring road helps to ease traffic congestion around Prague and reduce travel time

An EU-funded project to construct a 8.34 km section of new four-lane motorway as part of Prague’s ring road, diverts traffic from the Czech Republic’s capital, helping to increase safety and reduce travel time, accidents and pollution.

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Peak-hour driving can be a nightmare for drivers in and around major cities in Europe. Prague is no exception. Efforts are underway to redirect traffic and lighten the loads, especially during popular commuting times, as part of wider plans to promote alternative transport and improve the urban environment. 

An EU-supported project constructed an 8.34 km section of a new four-lane motorway, one of 11 sections of the Prague Ring Road in the Czech Republic. The ring road helps shift traffic from overloaded routes around the city, increasing traffic safety and reducing travel time, congestion, accidents and pollution. 

Making journeys more comfortable

The new ring road significantly improves traffic flows in Prague’s surroundings, taking pressure off the existing roads and lowering the negative impact on the surrounding environment. The roadworks also aim to cut travel times for freight transport and private vehicles from other European countries using the Czech Republic as a transit country.

Estimated road transport savings of up to EUR 156 000 are expected due to time saved when driving. Completion of the works is also likely to boost the region's attractiveness and economic competitiveness.

Maintenance work will be carried out by the Road and Motorway Directorate, managed by the Czech Ministry of Transport through ‘The Centre for Motorway Administration and Maintenance’. 

Upgrading road infrastructure

The construction of this four-lane motorway includes other developments, such as the relocation of 8 151 m of support roads, construction of 26 bridges, 3 grade-separated junctions as well as 2 tunnels. It also implements a diverse range of anti-noise measures.

Total investment and EU funding

The total cost for the project “Prague Ring Road – Section 513: Lahovice – Vestec” is EUR 368 000 000 and the total eligible cost is EUR 294 073 835, with the EU’s Cohesion Fund contributing EUR 145 503 322 through the “Transport” Operational Programme for the 2007-2013 programming period. The investment falls under the priority “Upgrading and Development of the TEN-T Railway Network”.

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