Promoting innovative light sources technology in Central Europe

A project in central Europe is aiming to create a transnational network of universities, laboratories and business entities, to enable the development and effective use of innovative light sources (ILS) through technology-transfer.

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" Project activities will foster cutting-edge research and technology through the use of innovative light sources. This will encourage innovation, entrepreneurship and the growth of the knowledge economy, as well as research and innovation capacities. It will create more and better jobs by attracting an increasing number of people into entrepreneurial activities and will strengthen the attitude towards research and innovation in all European regions, by setting-up a transnational cluster based on the competence created by the project’s activities and on the equipment available at partners’ laboratories. "

Rodolfo Laghi, International Project Expert, Elettra Sincrotrone, and CENILS project coordinator

The Central European Network for knowledge based on Innovative Light Sources (CENILS) project is developing the potential offered by the use of ILS, which can act like exceptionally powerful microscopes and give new information about atoms and molecules.

Filling the innovation gaps

The network created by the project supports the improvement of already existing transnational educational and training networks, promoting the free flow of knowledge and personnel from the academic sector to the business sector and vice versa.

There are disparities between the different regions involved in the project, in terms of the potential and obstacles to taking advantage of this technology. The project therefore aims to contribute towards filling the gap among the five countries involved, by strengthening local innovation and education systems in less favoured regions, and creating a solid long-term and long-distance connection with analogous systems located in more developed regions.

Human capital development

The project is expected to create approximately five jobs through the implementation of two pilot actions, aimed at promoting commercial interest in two promising ILS applications. At least 40 people from the Central Europe programme area and members of the Principal Target Group (PTG) will perform these pilot actions with the assistance of the project’s scientific partners. Workshops have been foreseen to train PTG members.

Through these activities, the CENILS network is implementing joint strategies and action plans aimed at strengthening human resources and knowledge development. Moreover, it is promoting a healthy exchange of qualified personnel within different regions of the programme area, positively contributing to the management of demographic change, migration and countering the problems associated with brain-drain.

Total investment and EU funding

Total investment for the project “CENILS – Central European Network for knowledge based on Innovative Light Sources” is EUR 1 091 500, of which the EU’s European Regional Development Fund is contributing EUR 881 745 from the Operational Programme “Central Europe” for the 2007 to 2013 programming period, under the priority axis “Technology transfer and business innovation”.

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