Plan rescues ravaged castle

The richness of Prague’s historical heritage is now plain for all to see thanks to a carefully crafted plan by Prague City Council. This plan to restore and preserve the Chvaly castle and its surrounding area has brought new life to an area long considered derelict. The growing pressure to erect new buildings has ceased as the historical and environmental value of the place are now clearly recognised.

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Preserved castle hosting different cultural activities Preserved castle hosting different cultural activities

“One day, back in the nineties, I reflected on the sadness of the devastated Chvaly Castle walls. I was wondering if ever it could become an architectural gem. My colleague said: ‘Only a miracle could save it!’ And, dare I say, the miracle has happened! Chvaly castle is experiencing revival, one which I hope will last for many years to come.”
Mr Ivan Liška, mayor of Horní Počernice

Citizens and tourists are benefiting from the new development as it brings local history to life and offers new cultural and social opportunities. Investors are also eager to build on the success of the plan and tap into its economic potential.

Restoring the site

The Chvaly site was preserved to serve the dual function of historical and cultural interest. Throughout, the works were carried out so that the new would complement rather than compete with the old.

To accommodate visitors, new infrastructure was put in place such as roads and parking facilities. State-of-the-art technology was used to equip the buildings. This included fitting motion sensors and electronically controlled boilers. A garden was also planted to make the castle grounds more attractive.

The castle is now a popular destination for cultural events and contributes to the quality leisure time spent by the inhabitants of Horní Počernice and the adjoining city boroughs. Exhibitions, concerts, musical festivals, theatre performances, discussions, lectures and weddings, are all regular activities being held at the castle.

Several partnerships serve to publicize these events, such as that with City Borough Prague 14 which covers the cultural listings on a regular basis.

Tapping into the economic potential

The successful renovation of the Chvaly castle provides not only for an improved and more accessible offer of cultural events in the city borough, but also taps into the economic potential and value of the entire Horní Počernice area.

The aim - which the castle is well on its way to achieve - is to become economically self-supporting. It is doing this by renting out its premises for social and business events. Schools are also using the place as a cultural centre, bringing students along for exhibitions and shows.

So far, seven new jobs have been created through this project.

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