Optimising the railway line between Benešov u Prahy and Strančice

The ‘Optimisation of the Benešov u Prahy to Strančice Line’ project aims to improve the condition of infrastructure along the railway line and upgrade train management and communication equipment in order to offer optimised travel conditions to passengers and freight.

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The project, which is part of a larger project titled ‘Modernisation of the 4th National Railway Corridor’, will increase accessibility for persons with limited mobility, improve train reliability, reduce travel times and lead to a greater number of passengers and freight using the train service.

Improving infrastructure and equipment

With the exception of some specific sections, the Benešov u Prahy to Strančice line is in poor condition, leading to significant reductions in train speed and capacity. Similarly, the train management and communication equipment is outdated and expensive to maintain.

Under this project, a number of actions will be taken to remedy these problems, including: the replacement of the railway superstructure (including switches and level crossings), the reinforcement of the railway substructure, the reconstruction of the drainage system, the reinforcement or reconstruction of bridges and viaducts, the renovation of control and communication equipment and an upgrade of station safety equipment.

Upon completion, the maximum train speed permitted will increase from 80 km/h to 125 km/h for trains with tilting technology and to 110 km/h for conventional trains. Remote railway operation management will also be possible which will lower operating costs.

Benefits for both domestic and international customers

The main objectives of this project are: to reduce travel times, noise levels and accidents, increase safety, comfort, speed and accessibility to passengers with reduced mobility, all the while offering an environmentally friendly and sustainable service. It is hoped that all of these factors will help to make rail transport a more attractive option for both passengers and freight travelling domestically and internationally.

As the project is part of the ‘backbone’ railway corridor in Czech Republic connecting Prague with České Budějovice and Czech Republic with Austria, it will greatly benefit both citizens of the Czech Republic and international customers. In particular it will benefit the population of South Bohemia Region (626 870), Central Bohemia Region (1 154 193) and Prague, as it improves train connections between the main travelling destinations in these regions.

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