Major motorway a step closer to completion

Completion in 2007 of the final border segment of the Czech Republic’s D8 motorway is paying dividends for local people and those travelling to points beyond the region. The transfer of transit traffic from the I8 road to the motorway enables vehicles to travel more smoothly and safely, reducing local congestion and air pollution.

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The D8 motorway section 807 project The D8 motorway section 807 project

“People living in the Usti district look forward to the opening of the D8 motorway. It’s a key project for our region and the Czech Republic as a whole. We have been impatiently awaiting its completion and opening for several years now; with this section we are another step closer to that goal.”
Jiri Sulc, Usti district governor, August 2006

The D8 motorway connects Prague with Dresden in Germany. When all work on the road is completed by around 2011, industry and tourism in surrounding regions are expected to receive a boost through improved transport links.

Bridges and a tunnel

Construction of the Trmice section of the D8 motorway, from Prague-Ustí nad Labem to the state border of the Czech Republic with Germany, started in June 2004, with some parts of this section receiving co-financing from the EU’s pre-accession instrument ISPA. After the Czech Republic joined the EU, the financing continued from the Cohesion Fund. Under this arrangement, half of the project’s total cost was covered by EU funds.

The Czech Republic’s Road and Motorway Directorate implemented the project. It consisted of three technically and financially independent constructions, two bridges and one tunnel, located over a road stretch totalling 23.5 km.

Site one involved the building of a 1 143 metre long bridge some 30 metres above a railway line in Trmice. The composite steel-and-girder bridge has 31 spans. Site two included the construction of a 1 745 metre stretch of motorway, with a 1 080 metre long bridge that connects this section with the third construction site at Libouchec. At site three, work involved construction of a 1 435 metre long stretch of motorway. This is composed mainly of a tunnel with two independent tubes – 535 metres and 454 metres in length – plus ventilation, lighting and communication equipment.

Faster connections

Completed in June 2007, the project has improved living conditions for those residents in surrounding urban areas with the transfer of transit traffic to the motorway from the existing two-lane road between Teplice and the border crossing in Cinovec. Traffic in the whole area is now also flowing more smoothly and safely, and journey times regionally and between Prague and Dresden have been cut significantly.

Only the 16.5 km long Lovosice – Rehlovice section of the D8 motorway remains to be completed, estimated by around 2011. Prague will then enjoy fast links to Germany, expanding the economic potential of the North-West Bohemia region.

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