Improving wastewater collection, treatment and disposal in Severozapad

The ‘Chebsko – Environmental Precaution’ project comprises the rehabilitation and enhancement of two existing waste water treatment plants and the construction of a new sewerage system, all in the region of Severozapad in Czech Republic.

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By extending the existing wastewater collection and disposal system, the project, which covers the areas of Cheb and Mariánske Lázně, seeks to enhance wastewater treatment and reduce wastewater pollution in accordance with EU legislation.

A three-step process

The city of Cheb has a recorded population of 31 235, with the existing wastewater treatment plant also catering for flows from Františkovy Lázně, with a population of 5 339, and tourists. Meanwhile, the treatment plant in Mariánske Lázně, located some 25km from Cheb, serves a total of 16 763 people, including the town and in its municipalities.

The ‘Chebsko – Environmental Precaution’ project includes three separate improvement works. Firstly, works at the wastewater treatment plant in Cheb which includes the rehabilitation of individual technologies and structures to allow for total nitrogen removal and reduce pollution from the incoming water flow, the River Ohře. The project aims to comprehensively modernise the plant’s biological line, the main component affecting the quality of the treated wastewater. In addition, this part of the project also covers the modernisation of a pumping station in Františkovy Lázně to guarantee steady pumping of wastewater from the sewerage system of Františkovy Lázně to the plant in Cheb.

The second part of the overall project is the construction of a sewerage system in the municipal part of Cheb, Švédský Vrch, which will solve the sewerage problem in this area. The wastewater from this system will be transferred to the plant in Cheb.

Finally, the project covers improvement works at the wastewater treatment plant in Mariánské Lázně, primarily the rehabilitation of its biological line. As in the Cheb plant, the solution aims to improve nitrogen removal and at the same time reduce pollution from the incoming water flow.

Benefits for the community and the environment

It is expected that the development and improvement of the sewerage systems and wastewater treatment will lead to reduced pollution and the eutrophication of surface water. It will also increase the quality of life of the population living in the Chebsko area and during the implementation phase, it will create 300 jobs for the area. Additionally, as a result of the project, the local environment will benefit from the large amount of mineral and curing springs, drinking water sources, abundant natural reserves and protected landscape areas.

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