Extensive renovations to Prague’s Hostivař railway station

Renovations have been made to a double-track railway line in and around Prague’s Hostivař station, as well as to the station itself. In the project’s first phase, 1.73 km of line were upgraded, rising to 2.17 km after the second phase. Phase one also saw renovation of 7.4 km of railway superstructure – including installation of switches allowing trains to change tracks – and 7.9 km of substructure, both in Hostivař station and on the Hostivař-Prague Malešice branch. Corresponding figures for both phases were 9.25 and 10.4 km respectively.

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Over the whole project, work was done on two railway bridges, one footbridge, one road bridge and three culverts, with most of one bridge built, bases and supports of others renewed and culverts installed in the first phase. The structure of an underpass leading to the platforms and part of its interior were completed.

A large part of an abutment supporting a bridge and a retaining wall were put up, and the foundations of a 534 m noise barrier were laid. A utility building was built and the interior partly fitted out, while most of the work on a passenger processing building was done.

Access, power and communications infrastructure

Four passenger shelters were constructed, and the foundations of a rerouted road and a major part of a pedestrian access path totalling 410 m in length were laid. Work began on rerouteing of utility networks, while 9.36 km of traction line, low- and high-voltage power distribution cables and remote control for disconnectors regulating power supply to railway lines were put in place.

Electric heating for switches and lighting in five buildings were installed, as was signalling and interlocking equipment. Local communication cabling was laid, long-distance cabling was modified, and communication devices were fitted in two buildings.

Much of the work started in the first phase was finished in the second. Also, two island platforms totalling 540 m in length were built, as were additional noise protection walls. Repairs were made to tracks on diversion routes some 10 km in length, and passenger processing points and outside lighting were set up.

Big increases in traffic

Hostivař station is on the Prague-České Budějovice line and is the entry point of the Czech Republic’s transit railway corridor IV into the Prague railway junction. In 2011, some 4 100 long-distance passengers a day went through it and by 2030, this figure is set to reach 7 100, with a further 20 000 regional passengers also using the station. Currently, around 80 freight trains go through Hostivař each day, and this figure should rise to 100 by 2030. In 2010, about 6 million tonnes of freight were transported on the Hostivař-Prague-Uhříněves section. This amount is also expected to increase by 2030, to 8.7 million tonnes a year.

The project is aimed at increasing the capacity for suburban, long-distance and freight transport, improving connections between the railways and urban public transport and reducing the negative effects of transport. It brings the railway and associated infrastructure into line with general European standards, which should lead to time and money savings for railway users and lower operating costs.

Total investment and EU funding

Total investment for the project “Optimisation of line section Praha Hostivař – Praha hl.n., Part I, Praha Hostivař Station PHASE I” is EUR 28 286 844, with the EU’s Cohesion Fund contributing EUR 22 336 706 through the “Transport” Operational Programme for the 2007-2013 programming period.

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