Centre lays firm foundation for rural tourism

The highlands in the east of Moravia, and their peak – Soláň, have long been popular with tourists. To cater for the continued interest, a new information centre has been built offering not only valuable information to tourists but also a selection of cultural activities. Exhibitions, concerts and similar events are all hosted in the new centre.

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Soláň information centre provides a key reference point for visitors Soláň information centre provides a key reference point for visitors

"The centre organises roughly three to four events each month. Since the centre was built, the visitor numbers in the whole region have rocketed, at times by as much as tenfold. The centre has become a major cultural and social focal point. This project is also triggering other similar projects in the surrounding area. This will considerably contribute to building a more attractive region."
Jiří Kotásek, Association for the development of Soláň

The centre was designed to form a dominant feature in the region that would maintain the beauty of the surrounding landscape. The activities organised are drawing in tourists to Soláň and the surrounding villages, thereby building a stable basis for rural tourism.

Tapping into Soláň’s tourism potential

The Soláň peak and its surrounding area is considered to be one of the most beautiful parts of the region, offering superb views across colourful landscapes dotted with countless hills and valleys. The area is a favourite among tourists for its winter and summer recreational activities. However, until very recently, Soláň was lacking the services normally available for visitors wishing to plan their stay in the area.

The Soláň information and cultural centre is housed in an iconic building inspired by local religious traditions. The centre stands apart in an easily recognisable bell tower and offers visitors an interesting programme whether they come for the sightseeing, the culture, or both.

The centre opened in November 2006 and so far, the area has received 32 294 visitors. Thanks to new computers, this project also improved the access of local people and those living in distant areas to the information centre’s services as well as to the internet.

Local culture allowed to flourish

The newly built bell tower has been conceived as an important regional cultural centre. Many local artists - painters, sculptors, photographers and wood carvers - whose activities are inspired by folklore display their works at the various exhibitions held in the centre.

Throughout the year, but especially at Christmas and Easter time, visitors can enjoy any number of events - demonstrations of traditional crafts and folklore customs, cymbal music and performances from folklore dancing groups. Many of the events are inspired by artists who visited Soláň and reflected this visit in their works of art.

The information center is also used for special occasions such as wedding ceremonies when people wish to make use of the beautiful premises. More and more activities are being planned as even visitors come up with new ideas and ask for information about upcoming festivities.

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