Bypass will take pressure off residential areas

A project to build a bypass around the Czech town of Moravské Budějovice promises to improve road safety and traffic flow. The local environment will benefit too as the bypass will take traffic away from residential areas.

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Work will include relocating and upgrading the I/38 first class road where it runs through the city. The old route will remain in place so it can be used by local traffic. The project calls for the construction of a 6.3 km stretch of two-lane single carriageway. Traffic flow and safety will be improved via the construction of multi-level junctions. The project will also provide for the construction of five bridges and one T-junction, as well as the relocation of a couple of class two and class three roads. In addition, a 3 m high wall will be built to reduce road noise spilling into an adjacent residential area.

The new route will start just past the municipality of Litohoř where it will diverge from the existing road. It will then continue west from Moravské Budějovice before returning to the original route close to the border with Vysočina in the south-east.

Wider upgrade

The project forms part of a wider scheme to upgrade the I/38 road (D1 motorway – Jihlava to Znojmo). The other sections of the overall I/38 upgrade will be linked to the project. These include the bypasses at Jakubov, Želetava and Dlouhá Brtnice, in addition to the multi-level interchange at Kasárna and the Jihlava – Stonařov road. However, it should be noted that the Moravské Budějovice bypass project is technically and financially independent of the other sections.

The government owns road infrastructure in the Czech Republic, and assets are managed by the Road and Motorways Directorate (RMD). Project operation, maintenance and repairs will be covered by the RMD through the Vysočina region’s Road Administration and Maintenance body, based in Jihlava. The State Fund for Transport Infrastructure (SFTI) will finance these activities.

The project is expected to generate 68 jobs during the implementation phase.

Total and EU funding

The project “Road I/38 Moravské Budějovice – bypass” has a total eligible budget of EUR 53 321 890, with the EU’s European Regional Development Fund contributing EUR 45 323 606 for the 2007 to 2013 programming period.

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