Brno sewerage system branches out

Aimed at improving the quality of the sewerage system in the Brno agglomeration, a total of 12 987 metres of new sewers will be built, with 11 753 metres of the existing sewerage network to be reconstructed.

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The project comprises 13 investment sub-projects designed to complete and modernise the main sewers and related systems in several city districts. Once completed, an additional 3 475 inhabitants will be connected to the system.

Putting a brake on pollution discharge

The project covers the agglomerations of Brno and Brno-Žebětín, representing a total population equivalent of 479 203. Apart from greater access to the improved sewerage network, the impact of the project will include a reduction in pollution discharged into local watercourses, thus helping the region comply with Directive 91/271/EEC on urban waste water and also with the requirements of relevant legislation in the Czech Republic. In terms of economic benefits, the project will create 415 jobs for the construction phase (approximately two years) as well as one long-term position.

Clean system in the pipeline

The first of four key areas of the project is the modernisation of the main sewers. Within this component, the main sewers A, C, D and E located in the city of Brno will be modernised. The total length of these sewers is 7 352 metres (including 2 138 metres of sewer connections). Furthermore, five existing overflow chambers will be reconstructed, the main objective being to reduce pollution following into the Svratka and Svitava Rivers.

The second component involves completing the main sewers, with the construction of two overflow chambers and two retention tanks, one combined structure (an overflow chamber connected with a retention tank) on the main sewer EI, and one combined structure on the main sewer E. The main sewers A, EI and E will see 1 944 metres built (including 511 metres of sewer connections).

Under the third part, a separate sewerage system will be constructed in the city district Brno-Bohunice. Following modernisation, part of the combined sewerage system will serve as storm water drainage. The total length reconstructed will be 2 939 metres of sanitary sewers and 1 462 metres of sewer connections.

Finally, the fourth component will see sewer systems constructed in the three city districts of Tuřany, Žebětín and Ivanovice. In total, 7 277 meters of new sewers and 3 766 meters of sewer connections will be built, resulting in new connections for 3 475 residents.

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