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Cyprus University of Technology has embarked on a long-term project to become an electronic university and boost learning and research.

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Learning prepares to go digital at Cyprus University of Technology Learning prepares to go digital at Cyprus University of Technology

The project will provide students, lecturers and other staff with an extensive range of services to help with their work from any geographic location.

Work from anywhere, anytime

The five-year project - entitled e-CUT, standing for the ‘electronic Cyprus University of Technology’ - aims to extend electronic services to deliver a modern working environment for research and learning. The new infrastructure will enable all members of the university to make the best use of IT tools in their learning, teaching, research, administrative and support activities.

Managed by the university’s Information Systems and Technology department, it will provide end-users with a single sign-on environment, web-based applications wherever possible, and ‘work from anywhere’ capabilities.

The shift to more electronic processing of administrative procedures, education and communication will help the university operate more efficiently and better manage its resources, cutting bureaucracy. Students and staff will have accurate and timely information at their disposal whether or not they are on campus and without time restriction. It will also help develop the distance-learning offer for Cyprus.

“The implementation of the e-CUT project is the centrepiece for promoting the mission and the objectives of a secure, modern, agile and innovative university,” said Filippos Filippou, the university’s chief information officer. “Cyprus University of Technology will be able to provide high-level services and apply the latest cutting edge technologies and infrastructure, not only to academia but also to the wider community.”

Going further

The university has already developed electronic services to provide publication and one- and two-way interactions. The further investment will allow them to develop more services for students, alumni, and academic and administrative staff.

By the end of the project, the university will have developed unified systems architecture, improving coordination and communication between all members of the university. New services will range from giving students online access to grading reports and their library borrowing status; offering a curriculum programme for lecturers and secretaries; giving tutors a means to monitor students’ progress; allow the booking of meeting rooms and laboratories; monitor the financial status of research programmes; and run staff human resources management systems. Each user will have authorised access to ensure the secure exchange and availability of information through web applications.

The project will not only help members of the university: it should boost knowledge collaboration and innovation across Cyprus, improve higher education structures and reach out to Cypriots (and others) living abroad, by supporting lifelong learning and distance education.

“The economic crisis has made our objective even harder to achieve. However, I strongly believe that with mutual understanding, effective cooperation and collaboration, we will come up with great results,” said Mr Filippou.

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