Raising the standard of water infrastructure in Gabrovo

Improving the water infrastructure in Gabrovo, central Bulgaria, will deliver great benefits to the local environment and population and will bring the area’s water system in line with EU environmental standards.

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The project focuses on improving drinking water distribution and treatment, as well as wastewater collection and treatment for Gabrovo, thereby raising infrastructure to the standard required by the EU Drinking Water and Urban Wastewater Directives.

Dual targets: water supply and wastewater treatment

Expected to benefit around 63 000 people, the project will deal with the two distinct parts of the water system – water supply and treatment and wastewater collection and treatment. 

In order to tackle problems relating to the water supply system, the drinking water treatment plant will be reconstructed, one new pumping station will be constructed and four will be rehabilitated and 76 km of water supply system will be upgraded. As well as raising the system to the standards prescribed in the Drinking Water Directive, this work will improve the security of supply and decrease operation and maintenance costs through reduced physical water losses.

As regards wastewater collection and treatment, 21.6 km of the existing sewerage network and nine creek crossings will be rehabilitated. The current wastewater treatment plant will be reconstructed and approximately 18.5 km of the sewerage network will be extended. These actions will significantly increase the quality of treated wastewater and therefore the quality of water in the Yantra River and the Danube River. They will also raise the system to the standards required by the EU’s Urban Waste Water Treatment Directive.

An improved quality of life for Gabrovo

Some 63,000 inhabitants living in the project area will enjoy an improved quality of life thanks to the project. Safer drinking water will contribute to reducing health risks for the population while improved wastewater disposal and treatment will raise hygiene standards. Technical water losses in the water supply network will be reduced by 34% and a further 17% of the population will be connected to the sewerage system (up from 79% to 96%).

From a financial perspective, reliable and compliant water services will make the Gabrovo area a more attractive place to invest in and 400 jobs will be created during the implementation phase of the project. In terms of environmental impact, organic and nutrient pollution will be reduced while the quality of water in the Yantra and Danube rivers will be improved. Significant environmental benefits will also stem from the elimination of groundwater and sub-soil contamination.

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