Completing the motorway link to Turkey

New dual carriageway section will complete the Bulgarian leg of a trans-European motorway route from Dresden to Istanbul.

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Yuzhen tsentralen, Yugoiztochen, Bulgaria Yuzhen tsentralen, Yugoiztochen, Bulgaria

The construction of 65 km of dual carriageway in southeastern Bulgaria will help complete a road-building project begun 30 years ago.

Improving safety

This new stretch of motorway will all but complete the Maritsa motorway, adding a 65 km section of dual carriageway from the Plodovitovo junction to the town of Harmanli in the Haskovo region.

The existing two-lane road that follows the same route currently bears much of the road freight to and from Turkey and the European Union. The new construction will result in a major improvement for the local population, as it will significantly reduce through-traffic in the many towns and villages that are currently disrupted by road noise, pollution and road safety issues. International traffic and other road-users will also benefit from a faster and safer road.

Connecting Europe to Asia

The Maritsa motorway, Bulgaria’s A3, starts from a junction with the A1 motorway near Orizovo, east of Plovdiv, Bulgaria’s second largest city, and runs 114 km in a south-easterly direction to the Kapitan Andreevo border crossing with Turkey. Two sections have already been built: from the Orizovo junction to the Plodovitovo junction, and from Harmanli to Kapitan Andreevo. A further section, from the village of Kapitan Andreevo to the Turkish border, is being built with the support of a World Bank loan.

The border crossing is an important entry point into the European Union and a major freight crossing. When completed, the project will form the final link in the pan-European motorway corridor connecting central Europe with Asia, running from Dresden to Istanbul.

Over 200 new jobs

The new construction will comprise three road junctions, five river bridges, five road overpasses, five road underpasses, two rail overpasses, one rail underpass, 17 km of noise protection walls and 10 service or rest areas. Over the course of the works, the project will create 260 jobs, and twelve jobs will be directly created for the longer term.

Total and EU funding

The total eligible cost of the “Completion of the Maritsa Motorway between Plodovitovo junction and the town of Harmanli” project is EUR 203 810 385, to which the EU’s European Regional Development Fund is contributing EUR 163 048 308 during the programming period 2007-2013.

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