State-of-the-art incubator for biotech companies in Leuven, Flanders

The Bio-Incubator in Leuven provides multifunctional office and lab space for biomedical life sciences companies with high growth potential. The three cutting-edge buildings have customisable modules that are flexible enough to meet companies’ needs as they grow. The facilities are backed up by general, technical and logistical support, creating a dynamic and stimulating environment in which both starting and more established biotech companies can develop their ideas and technologies.


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Researcher at the Bio-Incubator Leuven  © Peter Dhondt Researcher at the Bio-Incubator Leuven © Peter Dhondt

" Bio-incubator offers young life sciences companies with strong R&D activities high-quality polyvalent and flexible lab and office space that can grow together with the company. Another benefit of Bio-incubator is the close contact and interaction with the other biotech companies. "

Professor Kevin Verstrepen, CMPG/VIB, Bio-incubator resident

The Leuven Bio-Incubator currently hosts 15 leading research companies employing around 300 highly skilled people. The companies are carrying out advanced research to develop new drugs, nutrients and other biotech products. Areas of investigation range from stem cell research to ways to prevent and treat diseases and conditions such as obesity, thrombosis, diabetes, cancer, Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s.

Customisable modules with specialised support

In response to increasing demand for specialised incubation space in the life sciences sector, existing facilities were expanded with a second and third building. Together these provide a total of 9 000 m² of research and office space. They are divided into 50 modules that range from 125 to 250 m2. The units can be modified on a tailor-made basis to meet the specific requirements of each client. 

The laboratory spaces offer the latest in cutting-edge technologies, with highly specialised equipment. Office space and meeting rooms are also available. Highly qualified personnel on site can assist and support clients in specialised areas, such as obtaining permits and licences and logistical matters.

Prime location for collaboration

Bio-Incubator Leuven is situated in a science park close to the city of Leuven, providing fertile ground for innovation and entrepreneurship. The life sciences projects are often undertaken in close cooperation with the University of Leuven, the University Hospital and the Flanders Institute for Biotechnology. 

The incubator is facilitating knowledge transfer and the commercial establishment of biotech companies in Flanders, boosting the creation of new high tech jobs in the region. It creates an environment that fosters interaction and the sharing of expertise between innovation- and research-driven biotech companies.

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Total investment and EU funding 

Total investment for the project “Bio-Incubator Leuven” is EUR 10 805 801, with the EU’s European Regional Development Fund contributing EUR 2 672 917 through the “Flanders” Operational Programme for the 2007-2013 programming period.


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