Contemporary art finds a special home in Brussels

Brussels now offers a place where people can meet and experience the diversity of contemporary art. The project ‘Wiels Centre for Contemporary Art’ focused on supporting the operational aspects of the centre as well as renovation work which saw a former brewery transformed into an exhibition centre complete with reception area, bookshop and cafeteria. Three original vats were also restored under the project, lending a unique atmosphere to the centre.

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Contemporary art attracting all generations in Brussels Contemporary art attracting all generations in Brussels

“As a neighbour of Wiels, I’m really happy that the Wielemans intersection has been renovated and that more and more people are visiting our commune. I’m especially delighted to see young people getting involved in the activities at the centre, which is now a part of our lives.”
Celina El Bakkali (Celina Hair Salon)

The Wiels Contemporary Arts Centre provides a unique setting for contemporary art enthusiasts. It is designed as an institution rather than a traditional fine arts museum or gallery. Every year sees a series of exhibitions of local and international artists, providing an opportunity for artists and visitors to share their passion for art. The resident artist programme and educational facilities give both budding and more established artists a place to develop their skills and display their work.

Nurturing art talent

The centre is set up as a non-profit organisation. Whilst focused mainly on the visual arts, it also welcomes other disciplines. It covers the entire spectrum of art, including presentation, production and education, all in one location. Several large exhibitions take place every year to illustrate evolutions in contemporary art. The focus is on informing, analysing and exchanging, with the overarching goal being to contribute to the promotion and understanding of contemporary art. It hosts an international programme for resident artists as well as education and training workshops, projects and seminars open to all – young people, senior citizens and school groups.

Food for food’s sake

The project also funded the café and bookshop in the venue. During opening hours, Wiels offers a relaxing, unique environment to enjoy a range of organic food specialities from all over the world. The Wiels café is more than simply somewhere to eat - it is the heart of the centre, a place for meeting, discovering and exchanging.

Construction of the bookshop was carried out in co-operation with French-based company Bookstorming. It offers visitors a wide range of books, postcards, gadgets, t-shirts, CDs and DVDs as well as catalogues and artists’ publications. The bright premises are an ideal place where people can also read newspapers and enjoy a coffee.

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