CENFORGIL trains job seekers in ecological construction and new technologies

The CENFORGIL training centre in the Brussels commune of Saint-Gilles is helping to promote social inclusion, jobs, education and training in the area by providing courses for young job seekers who have not completed secondary education or who lack educational qualifications. With the extension of its “ATELIERS DU MIDI” site, the CENFORGIL training curriculum is also expanding to take in courses on ecological construction and new technologies.

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Artist's impression of the new extension to the ATELIERS DU MIDI training centre © CENFORGIL Artist's impression of the new extension to the ATELIERS DU MIDI training centre © CENFORGIL

" This project aims to promote access to employment in innovative sectors for low qualified job seekers. For the Brussels public authorities this is a major challenge that we have to face with support from the EU and the participation of associations like CENFORGIL. From 2015, thanks to the ERDF, which financed the extension of the "

Charles Picqué, Mayor of Saint-Gilles

ATELIERS DU MIDI first opened its doors in July 2007 and since then has provided training for job seekers wishing to gain a qualification with a view to finding work. The training has hitherto covered such fields as office automation, hospitality and catering, electricity and sport.

The training is of a practical nature and is often complemented with work experience. Various social enterprises occupy space within the site to provide such experience for some trainees. For other instances, CENFORGIL has forged partnerships with such bodies as local associations, municipal authorities and hospitals.

Training to meet the demands of the job market

The new course on ecological construction is in many ways an extension of the existing course on electricity.  As of September 2014, trainee electricians at CENFORGIL receive training in electrical work related to ecological construction.

The course on new technologies has been designed to take account of the needs of the events sector in Brussels, which needs qualified personnel for sound, lighting, video and stage technology. The course thus focuses on information and communication technologies linked to live performances and events.

The two new programmes arising from the extension of the site will provide training for an annual total of 48 people. Of these, half will be trained in new technologies and the other half in ecological construction.

Total investment and EU funding

Total investment for the project “CENFORGIL – Les ATELIERS DU MIDI” is EUR 1 750 000, of which the EU’s European Regional Development Fund is contributing EUR 1 222 500 from the Operational Programme “Brussels Capital Region” for the 2007 to 2013 programming period.

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