Bruxelles-Ecopôle (Brussels-Ecopôle) gives bulky waste a new lease of life

By creating a regional platform for waste recovery, the Bruxelles-Ecopôle project will enable the recycling or reuse of more than 4,000 tonnes of bulky waste per year that would otherwise be disposed of. The project aims to raise awareness and provide a social setting through the creation of a showroom, the sale of recycled products and tours of its facilities, predominantly aimed at schools. The project will also enable low-skilled job creation.

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© The Bruxelles-Ecopôle project: a regional platform for waste reclamation © The Bruxelles-Ecopôle project: a regional platform for waste reclamation

" Hand in hand for the city of tomorrow. "

Etienne Cornesse , Head of Communications Department

The Bruxelles-Ecopôle project facilitates structured improvements in the economic, social and environmental management of bulky waste. This category of waste includes standard bulky waste as well as electrical and electronic waste and some construction materials.

The project has specifically designed facilities for tours of the treatment centre to increase awareness of the challenges of recycling and repackaging waste. The building that houses the project's activities, RECY K, has been refurbished to a high standard of energy and eco-construction criteria and aims to set an example across the region for the reuse and recycling of bulky waste.

Bruxelles-Ecopôle also aims to become a centre of expertise in reuse and recycling techniques. Items that have been recycled as part of this integrated and innovative approach (repair of computer equipment, eco-design, etc.), are displayed and sold, thereby contributing to the creation of a social economy in the region.

The project's overall aim is to create around 40 low-skilled employment opportunities, and to encourage the emergence of new initiatives and new participants, by placing itself within the broader framework of the region's 2020 objectives for reuse and recycling.

Total investment and EU funding

The Bruxelles-Ecopôle project has received investment totalling EUR 9,481,576. The contribution from the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) is EUR 4,470,046 for the 2007 to 2013 programming period, under the Operational Programme "Brussels Capital Region". 

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