“Brussels Greenbizz” supports eco-friendly job creation

A green business incubator in Laeken, part of Brussels’ strategic Canal area, will stimulate job creation and support startups in the fields of eco-construction, renewable energy and environmentally sustainable products and services.

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Artist’s rendering of the future Greenbizz building. © Architectes Associés Artist’s rendering of the future Greenbizz building. © Architectes Associés

" Brussels Greenbizz is perfectly integrated into its urban setting; its permeability suggests osmosis and dissemination: fertile soil for collective emulation, attuned to its human, urban and social environment. "

Philippe Antoine, Project Manager

Innovative young SMEs and startups will find a home in Greenbizz’s eco-friendly business complex, which will include 2 250 m2 of office space and 5 750 m2 of workshops and studios. The project aims to help create four to five new companies every year through its business incubator, and will accommodate up to 200 entrepreneurs and employees, providing advisory services and access to technology, research and financing networks, as well as a business consortium link.

The new building will echo the green aspirations of its tenants with passive design techniques, photovoltaic panels and a roof garden. Its design won the Brussels Regional government’s “Exemplary Building” award in 2013.

Another ERDF-financed project, the “Centre for Excellence in Sustainable Construction” will have its headquarters in the Greenbizz incubator and will coordinate the technology and research networks. Once they have successfully emerged from the incubator stage, startups and small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) will be allotted workshops of between 125 and 250 m2 each to set up their research and development operations.

Brussels’ first fully sustainable neighbourhood

Construction of the Greenbizz building, launched in December 2013, is an initial step in the development of an entire quarter in Laeken’s “Tivoli” area, an industrial wasteland in Brussels’ Canal area (the “Priority Intervention Zone”) that has been slated for sustainable and socially inclusive growth as part of the regional government’s urban renewal campaign.

Besides the Greenbizz complex, the Tivoli development will include 400 passive housing units, shops, childcare centres, and a public square.

Total investment and EU funding

Total investment for “Brussels Greenbizz” was EUR 16 014 877, of which the EU’s European Regional Development Fund contributed EUR 7 205 314 from the “Brussels Capital Region” Operational Programme for the 2007 to 2013 programming period.

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