Brussels Greenbizz - green and sustainable business incubator

The promotion of sustainable growth, start-ups and fledgling businesses will benefit from a new support structure in a building with innovative architecture.

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Greenbizz: incubator in Brussels for start-ups and SME dedicated to the sustainable economy. © Associated Press Greenbizz: incubator in Brussels for start-ups and SME dedicated to the sustainable economy. © Associated Press

" The Brussels Greenbizz goals include boosting sustainable economic sectors in Brussels and supporting business initiatives in the sustainable economy by offering start-ups an optimum environment in which to develop their business ideas in a totally new building pioneering innovative, pleasing and exemplary architecture in terms of sustainable development. "

Geneviève Planchard, Communications Officer with the Brussels Regional Civil Service - Brussels Regional Coordination, ERDF Cell

The support for fledgling businesses and start-ups is not always limited to advice or financial aid. A new business initiative also sometimes needs a physical space in which to expand its ideas. Sustainable development is a particularly weak sector within the Brussels economy. The Regional Sustainable Development Plan is also seeking to make Brussels more competitive, efficient and green in its use of resources.

The Brussels Greenbizz project is offering work spaces and support to fledgling eco-focused businesses. This project will receive EUR 9,259,810 of funds from the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF).

In practical terms, Brussels Greenbizz is offering 5,500 m2 of production workshops and 2,800 m2 of office space: a genuine ecosystem where the occupants can collaborate, exchange and move forward with their projects. The modular spaces are fully equipped and the participants can also take advantage of administrative services including a reception and secretarial offices along with customised training. This is the first business incubator of this type in Brussels.

An innovative project which creates jobs

The advantage of the project does not simply lie in its concept: the building's architecture gives it an exemplary and innovative character. It has been designed and built in line with the principles of eco-construction. Apart from the management and sorting of waste, the materials have been chosen with their life cycle and potential health hazards in mind, with priority being given to recyclable and natural products. In addition, photovoltaic panels, special ventilation, lighting and heating techniques and the particular attention afforded to the insulation and waterproofness of façades make the new building extremely energy-efficient. The business incubator is thus responding to the passive and carbon-free energy efficiency and the workshop spaces meet low-energy energy standards. 

Seven small companies were installed as soon as it opened and five out of 17 workshops were occupied during the following months, proof that Brussels Greenbizz was responding to a genuine need. About ten jobs will be created by the project after a few months and an estimated 200 people will benefit from it after a few years.

Total investment and EU funding

Total investment for 'Brussels Greenbizz' was EUR 18,519,638, of which the EU’s European Regional Development Fund contributed EUR 9,259,819 under the Operational Programme ‘Bruxelles-Capitale’ for the 2007-2013 programming period.

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