Bringing local employment and economic development actors under one roof

The Brussels municipality of Schaerbeek is working to improve social inclusion, jobs, education and training by bringing the main local actors in occupational integration and local development together in one building so as to optimise existing services and support the development of new structures. The “Pôle de l’emploi et du développement économique” is a key part of the municipal authorities' employment plan and provides easily accessible services for local residents, and in particular young people and job seekers.

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The reception area of the Schaerbeek “Pôle de l’emploi et du développement économique”.  © Mission Locale Schaerbeek The reception area of the Schaerbeek “Pôle de l’emploi et du développement économique”. © Mission Locale Schaerbeek

" The aims of the Pôle de l’emploi et du développement économique have been met and Schaerbeek now has a single centre hosting the main local support initiatives for job seekers. The centre is an important development which shows that the Municipality of Schaerbeek is committed to investing in job creation for local residents. "

Martin Lagneaux, Municipality of Schaerbeek

The project has entailed the construction of a 340 m2 building linking two job centres. The development houses a range of services linked to employment, training and assistance for economic development. These include three employment centres and three training centres.

The facility also houses a contact point for the Brussels employment service, Actiris, and a work centre run jointly by the Flanders regional employment office (VDAB) and a Brussels-based organisation which works to tackle unemployment (Tracé Brussel). In addition, it hosts workshops aimed at helping young people and job seekers to find work, local employment and socio-professional insertion agencies, two local development and employment initiatives and a job-search workspace. Furthermore, the local economic help desk is situated just 100 metres away and is expected to move into the facility.

Increased capacity, quality and scope of services

Placing these bodies under one roof has increased their capacity for action, as well as the quality and scope of their services. User satisfaction levels with the services have also risen considerably.

The renovations made to the facility have enabled persons with reduced mobility to access its services. Also, internal reorganisation has made it possible to extend the Actiris contact point.

The Schaerbeek municipality expects that an annual average of around 3 000 visitors should use the services. The project has led to the creation of 12 jobs within the centre, and it is expected that the extension of the Actiris contact point should create a further 5-6 posts.

Total investment and EU funding

Total investment for the project “Pôle de l'emploi et du développement économique” is EUR 1 000 000, of which the EU’s European Regional Development Fund is contributing EUR 500 000 from the Operational Programme “Brussels Capital Region” for the 2007 to 2013 programming period.

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