Safety in Burgenland, a new strategy for all-round security

A multi-faceted project has addressed the issues of safety, security, and risk management in the Austrian region of Burgenland, creating sustainability in the measures and strategies of dealing with safety.

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The project aims at improving public safety in the Burgenland region. The project aims at improving public safety in the Burgenland region.

" The ERDF support contributed significantly to raising the level of safety in Burgenland. This was achieved especially thanks to the emergency management plans for communes, the security strategy for Burgenland, and the heightening of the subjective feeling of security in the population through information events. "

Jürgen Karall, Chairman of the association “Nachbarschaftshilfe Sicherheit”

Personal safety and security in one’s home and environment is a key element of the quality of life in any region. Burgenland in eastern Austria has addressed the concerns of the local population through an overarching project which aimed at improving safety in a number of fields.

Five modules for safety

The project addressed the areas of personal safety of citizens, safety of communes, regional safety, and economic safety through five modules. One of the central elements of the project was the development of the project website, It was intended as a central point to inform, connect, and offer safety solutions to both citizens and experts, and will be continued beyond the project duration.

A second module addressed to citizens was the road show “Safety”, which aimed at raising the population’s awareness regarding the issues of security and crime prevention.

The third element, emergency management and risk prevention, targeted communes and emergency rescue services. A digital platform for emergency management was created to raise the quality of prevention measures and simplify procedures for rescue missions.

A new regional security strategy

The development of a security strategy for the Land Burgenland was the fourth module and one of the most important elements of the project. The strategy was transmitted to the highest political authorities of the region and serves as a framework for all further measures.

Finally, a security symposium has developed ways of improving the regional economy’s security. A focus of the symposium was on ICT safety.

The Project generated sustainability in the way security is handled in Burgenland. The security strategy will continue to form a basis for risk prevention and security management, while annual follow-up events will keep the issue alive in the minds of citizens and stakeholders alike.

Total investment and EU funding

Total investment for the project “Sicherheit im Burgenland” (Safety in Burgenland) is EUR 847 341, with the EU’s European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) contributing EUR 635 506 through the “Burgenland” Operational Programme for the 2007-2013 programming period.

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