New information system for the Enns valley

Through a combination of internet, TV, and print media, the system developed by Internet, Pitzer & Scott KEG allows for a fast and targeted distribution of information such as news, events or classified ads.

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" With the realisation of this project, Internet, Pitzer & Scott KEG has been able to strengthen their position in the Enns valley. Despite the economic crisis, this small enterprise has managed to not only avoid laying off employees, but even to grow. "

Martina Grassberger, Styrian Business Promotion Agency

Existing systems for the distribution of information usually concentrate on only one distribution channel, resulting in a rigid way of processing and transmitting data. The new system consists of an innovative, centrally programmed online hub, which can be maintained independent of the location of the customers.

Various ways of processing data

The combination of different media also means that information can be presented in a range of ways, including TV spots, websites, or slideshows. It is also possible to include interactive elements such as live webcams, allowing for creativity in marketing.

However, the project not only brings benefits for enterprises. Individual customers can also use it to place classified ads in the chosen distribution channels, with access to print, TV, and online platforms. In particular, users of the new system no longer have to contact the advertising platforms personally – all placements can be conveniently made from home.

Modern jobs in a new area

Thanks to its versatility, the system can be used in a range of economic sectors – in short, wherever information is produced and needs to be distributed quickly to clients. Internet, Pitzer & Scott thus cooperate closely with local enterprises, municipalities, and tourism associations.

In a largely tourism-dominated region, this project has created a new alternative for generating jobs in film production. As a direct result of the project, one new position as marketing staff was created. EU project funding contributed towards external consulting and design costs.

Total investment and EU funding

Total investment for the project “Introduction of a new information system” is EUR 34 200 with the EU’s European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) contributing EUR 8 425 through the “Styria” operational programme for the 2007-2013 programming period.

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