Manufacturing consultancy programme boosts innovation, the environment and the regional economy

Small to medium sized enterprises as well as larger businesses receive technical advice on how to maximise their production processes.

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Profactor advises companies on quality control and process optimisation. Profactor advises companies on quality control and process optimisation.

A well-established technical consultancy programme in Upper Austria is providing manufacturing companies in the Steyr-Kirchdorf region and beyond with the opportunity to receive advice from technical and engineering specialists on how to improve their production processes, how to make more efficient use of resources and the implementation of environmentally friendly working practices.

Applied production research company Profactor GmbH has been involved with three ERDF-funded consultancy programmes since 1996, the most recent of which got underway in 2008. In total, over 400 companies, mostly in the automotive sector, have benefitted from Profactor’s technical advice, which aims to transfer the latest technology know-how from science to industry.

Wide range of technical expertise

Custom-made solutions for companies are drawn up to ensure that the entire added value chain, from basic research to mass production, operates as efficiently and sustainably as possible. Examples of Profactor’s fields of expertise include robotics, image processing, energy and resource recovery, functional surfaces and nanostructures.

Focus on research, development and innovation

Profactor’s managing director Andrea Möslinger noted that the project had particularly helped smaller companies that would not otherwise have the resources to invest heavily in research and development activities. Providing small to medium sized companies with the opportunity to explore new production methods allowed them to launch new products and boost the economy. 

Ms Möslinger said: “Research is one of the most important factors for business success. This project allows us to work with companies and to motivate them to think about new production methods and products.”

Total and EU funding

The “Profactor Steyr, Strengthening Regional Competitiveness of Upper Austria 2007-2013” project had a total eligible budget of EUR 16 343 230, of which the EU’s European Regional Development Fund contributed EUR 6 000 000 through the “Oberösterreich” Operational Programme for the 2007-2013 programming period.

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