Extension of Technopol Wieselburg-Land brings international excellence in biotechnology education and research

One of four technology centres in Lower Austria, Technopol Wieselburg-Land offers lab and office space to leading education and research institutes, opening new opportunities for innovations in biotechnology business.

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The Technopol Wieselburg-Land specialises in bioenergy, agriculture and food technology. ©Thule/G. Jug, ecoplus The Technopol Wieselburg-Land specialises in bioenergy, agriculture and food technology. ©Thule/G. Jug, ecoplus

" One of the objectives of the Technopol Program is to intensify cooperation between R&D, business and education. The Technology Centres at the Technopols offer the right space for this. "

Claus Zeppelzauer – Programmleitung Technopole, Department Head Techopols

The Technology and Research Centre Wieselburg-Land first opened its doors in 2009. Construction on the first extension started in summer 2012, and since the end of the project a year later, the centre now offers around 2 800 m2 of customized laboratory and office space to its tenants. It also includes a testing hall for experiments.

With a technology focus on bioenergy, biomass, energy systems, agricultural and food technology, and water resources management, the institutes and businesses located in Wieselburg-Land benefit from an optimal environment for cutting-edge research. The possibilities for cooperation are also ideal for start-ups or spin-offs.

Symbiosis between education and research

A key feature of Lower Austria’s Technopol initiative is the combination of education, research, and business at one site, thus enabling synergies and fostering innovation. The Technopols are therefore located close to established educational and research facilities.

At Wieselburg-Land, the Education and Research Institute Francisco Josephinum trains future agricultural engineers, while the University of Applied Sciences Wiener Neustadt/AMU Austrian Marketing University offers master degrees in Marketing and Management which focus on food and energy efficiency.

The young researchers and engineers also benefit from the proximity to internationally known biotechnology companies and institutes located at Wieselburg-Land, such as BIOENERGY 2020+ and the Rosenau Feed Research Laboratory.

New jobs for technology and research

The foundation of Technopols is part of Lower Austria’s efforts to establish the region as a high-tech business location. The Technology Centre Wieselburg-Land (TFZ) already offers more than 60 high tech jobs in technology fields. Overall, about 200 highly specialised jobs have been provided for scientists and researchers at Technopol Wieselburg.

Total investment and EU funding

Total investment for the project “Technology Centre Wieselburg-Land” is EUR 8 200 000 for infrastructure, and EUR 67 000 for the Technopol programme, with the EU’s European Regional Development Fund contributing EUR 2 350 000 and EUR 33 500 respectively, through the “Lower Austria” Operational Programme for the 2007-2013 programming period.

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