Centrope acts as a catalyst for regional integration

The Centrope project created tools for supporting transnational innovation transfer in a four-country area that brings together adjoining Austrian, Czech, Slovak and Hungarian regions.

Additional tools

The CENTROPE projects allows people to benefit from research and technology institutes. The CENTROPE projects allows people to benefit from research and technology institutes.

" The implementation of transnational tools shall enable regions and their enterprises (mainly SMEs) to benefit from strengths of neighbouring countries and to better use their own innovation potentials "


The 13 project institutions created a range of tools for facilitating technological transfer between enterprises and universities or research institutes. One tool is a ‘Mapping & Analysis Tool’, which creates a common picture of relevant research and technology institutions (RTIs) in Centrope and their relations to each other. Another is an ‘EU-certified Qualification Tool’ which facilitates the dissemination and knowledge transfer to RTI players. There is a ‘SME + R&D Cooperation-Tool’ which initiates transnational cooperation between enterprises and research institutions, and a transnational technology transfer tool for the macro-regional strategy of the Danube Region.

Targeted research and financing

The project also developed an online database listing more than 2 400 RTIs and related enterprises that can be searched by region and subject for quick and targeted information about research providers in adjoining regions. Furthermore, a voucher system was introduced to provide financial assistance for the establishment of a virtual network of companies currently active in aerospace in Centrope. Within 10 months of receiving the vouchers, SMEs could apply to finance activities, such as developing new products or prototypes, creating business plans, tailoring training in new technologies or analysing technology transfer potential.

Finally, the project founded an academy, which provides training to research and development (R&D) experts on how to establish transnational partnerships, how to overcome intercultural obstacles and where to find potential financing sources for projects in the Centrope region. The courses are held in four sessions in all four Centrope countries, and all courses are accompanied by innovation clubs, which include site excursions to meet innovation leaders and meetings with local experts and successful start-ups.

Total investment for the project “CENTROPE TT: Tools for transnational Innovation Support in Centrope” was EUR 1 747 003 of which the EU’s European Regional Development Fund contributed EUR 1 389 262 from the Central Europe Transnational Cooperation Programme (INTERREG IVB 2007-2013) for the 2007 to 2013 period

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