Bio Science Park Krems: more space for high-tech biotechnology research

The Technopol Krems offers high-quality laboratory space for enterprises, research institutes, and universities active in medical biotechnology.

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The Technopol Krems offers clean room laboratory space for medical research.©Thule/G. Jug and ecoplus The Technopol Krems offers clean room laboratory space for medical research.©Thule/G. Jug and ecoplus

" One of the objectives of the Technopol Program is to intensify cooperation between R&D, business and education. The Technology Centres at the Technopols offer the right space for this. "

Claus Zeppelzauer – Programmleitung Technopole, Department Head Techopols

Krems an der Donau is one of the four locations of Lower Austria’s Technopol programme. Thanks to support from the European Regional Development Fund and regional and national financing, a Bio Science Park has been developed, which now provides 1 900 m2 of modern labs, creating high-quality jobs and optimal conditions for the almost 13 000 students studying at one of the city’s universities.

Two centres for medical research

So far, 20 % of the available 84 000 m2 of building area at Bio Science Park Krems are occupied. They house the Biotechnology Centre Krems (BTZ) and the Regional Innovation and Start-up Centre North (RIZ Nord). Both have already undergone extension projects due to the high demand for laboratory and office space in the centres.

Among the successful research projects carried out at Technopol Krems features a research project on extracorporeal blood purification, which has applications in liver replacement therapy; tissue engineering, with aims to develop a bone replacement therapy; and cancer research.

Tenants include well-known biotech-companies active in the fields of blood purification systems, tissue engineering, cell therapy, and cell biology.

However, not only established research institutes and companies are welcome at the Technopol Krems. On the contrary, start-ups are welcome, the RIZ Nord and the start-up service ACCENT Krems supports young entrepreneurs with free professional advice. Specialists are also available to help with the requirements of applicable trade and pharmaceutical law and regulations.

Campus Krems: combining education and research

The second location of the Technopol Krems, called Campus Krems, houses facilities from another four universities that focus on research and education in medicine and life sciences. Students at Danube University Krems, IMC University of Applied Science Krems, Danube Private University (DPU) and Karl Landsteiner University of Health Sciences benefit from modern degree programmes and the proximity to the Technopol’s high-quality research facilities.

The Technopol Krems offers more than 160 highly specialised jobs for scientists and researchers.

Total investment and EU funding

Total investment for the project “Extension of the Biotechnology Centre BTZ” is EUR 3 500 000 for infrastructure, and EUR 1 228 500 for the Technopol programme with the EU’s European Regional Development Fund, contributing EUR 875 000 and EUR 614 250 respectively, through the “Lower Austrian” Operational Programme, for the 2007-2013 programming period.

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