Major redevelopment of historic Unesco world heritage site in central Naples

The social and cultural rebirth of the historic centre of Naples is the scope of a major urban regeneration project that has attracted a EUR 73.5 million investment from the European Regional Development Fund. Renovation works take place in the Unesco world heritage site – which covers around 29 hectares of the city centre – through a number of functionally separate but interlinked schemes.

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The interventions are designed to increase space between buildings, improve local road layouts, public places and a number of urban facilities. All the work takes place under a comprehensive urban strategy for the city. In addition, the project offers financial incentives to protect and nurture traditional crafts that are important to the Naples area, such as musical instrument production and publishing. New activities that are compatible with the Unesco site’s identity are being established.

Comprehensive restoration

Around 230 000 m2 of cultural property is being restored under the project, including a number of churches. The aim is to enhance the urban environment for educational and cultural purposes. Work includes the installation of video surveillance security system and Wi-Fi zones. Pedestrian and cycle routes are being constructed and a bike-sharing scheme is to be rolled-out.

Benefitting local people

The restorations and new facilities directly benefit around 85 000 residents of the San Lorenzo, Mercato, Pendino, Porto and San Giuseppe neighbourhoods. The total area of business activities affected by the changes comes to 2 371 190 m2, of which 561 165 m2 will be subject to property revaluation following the conclusion of the project.

Naples has a population of almost 1 million and is Italy’s third-largest city after Rome and Milan. The Unesco site contains a wealth of historic buildings, monuments and public spaces, which act as a cultural record of the city’s 2 800-year-old history.


Total investment and EU funding 

Total investment for the project “Historical Centre of Naples, Enhancement of UNESCO site, phase 2” is EUR 96 263 , with the EU’s European Regional Development Fund contributing EUR 72 197 715 through the “Campania” Regional Operational Programme for the 2014-2020 programming period. The investment falls under the priority “Environment and resource efficiency”.