A tool to combat the repercussions of climate change on water resources

The water management issue in south-western Europe during the summer period is becoming increasingly urgent because of the effects of climate change. To combat this phenomenon, the AGUAMOD project has created a platform for the integrated management of water resources across the whole of this territory. The aforementioned platform offers access to a shared vision between different countries and regions, which takes into account climate change, water usages and governance. Moreover, the project has allowed information tools to be developed, including a ‘serious game’ and animated videos.

Additional tools

A stork and its young in Toledo ©Iván Gutiérrez Gonzal, 2018 A stork and its young in Toledo ©Iván Gutiérrez Gonzal, 2018

" ‘Aguamod proposes an integrated vision of water resources in south-western Europe, taking into account the dimensions and usage of resources, economic value and governance. We also propose a shared methodology for evaluating the ecosystem services connected to water usage in the area.’ "

Sabine Sauvage, Project Manager

AGUAMOD has created a platform for the integrated management of water resources in south-western Europe, which takes into account the resources available, water usages, associated economic values and governance methods.

Developed in collaboration with the regional agencies and actors involved in water management, this platform is able to provide a homogeneous vision of the resource across the whole territory in periods of low water levels . It also provides management assistance tools. These tools propose environmental change scenarios (climate, water usage, governance) between now and 2050.

Scenarios to visualise future needs

The platform combines measurement of the water needs of the catchment basin (drinking water, agriculture, industry, environmental flows, etc.) with digital models that simulate the water stocks and flows in all compartments of the catchment basin. An economic and social evaluation of water resources and of water governance quality is also conducted for the whole territory. The creation of different climate change scenarios combined with these simulations allows us to visualise future water needs from a social and environmental perspective.

Different methods for working and collaborating with local players have been developed: 

  • Creation of environmental, economic and governance indicators;
  • Creation of scenarios for present day - 2050;
  • Proposal by researchers of shared relevant indicators for the whole territory and discussion with local players;
  • Projection of these indicators via scenarios, by combining the digital simulation of environmental indicators and the socio-economic expertise of researchers;
  • Analysis of adaptation to climate change based on the analysis of unstructured written documents or ‘text mining’ concerning all the region’s hydrological plans;
  • Production of a shared methodological guide for the whole territory, on the evaluation of ecosystem services.

Tools for users and managers

Aquamod has made it possible to develop several specific tools:

  • A ‘serious game’ and an animated film allowing users to improve their understanding of the heritage value of water resources according to the management choices made and the governance methods used;
  • A platform for visualising the results, presenting the water resource, its economic evaluation and its governance method, as well as projections for 2050, based on four scenarios constructed with all the local actors affected by the water resource;
  • A shared methodological guide for water agencies, on the evaluation of ecosystem services (supply and water quality regulation) and cultural services;
  • A transferable digital tool for the integrated management of the water resource, inspired by the NESTE system (a French water management system);
  • An online training platform for water managers.

The project has created 14 jobs: 4 jobs in France, 8 jobs in Spain and 2 jobs in Portugal.

Total investment and EU funding

Total investment for the development of a platform for the management of water resources in periods of low water levels in south-western Europe is EUR 2 125 392. The European Regional Development Fund contribution is EUR 1 594 044 through the ‘Interreg SUDOE V-B’ territorial cooperation programme for the 2014-2020 programming period. The investment falls under the ‘energy and climate union’ priority.


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