Key achievements of Regional Policy 2014-2020 - Interreg

Cohesion policy – funded by the ERDF, ESF and Cohesion Fund – is the largest source of direct EU budget investments in the period 2014-2020. These three funds will enable a total investment of EUR 485 billion, with EU budget financing of EUR 355 billion.

Below you find a presentation of selected investment targets and the progress made so far in achieving those targets organised under the three headings of:

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The text below draws mainly on target values at end 2017 (unless otherwise stated). A comprehensive presentation on the scope of financing and the achievement of investment targets is presented on the ESIF open data platform. There you can find charts by theme, country, programme and Fund.

The indicator tiles present 3 measures:

  • Target value: the targets set in the adopted programmes and information reported annually by the programmes on implementation
  • the indicator forecasts linked to decided selected projects
  • the implemented values


A Smart Europe

Significant ERDF resources are allocated to strengthen research, technological development and innovation, to enhance access to the digital economy and IT services and to boost the competitiveness of SMEs. A selection of key investment indicators are presented below.

Firms supported
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Jobs created in firms
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New firms supported
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Researchers with improved research facilities
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A Sustainable Europe

Investments to support the shift towards a low-carbon economy in all sectors, to preserve and protect the environment, to boost resource efficiency and to promote climate change adaptation, risk prevention and management are at the heart of the ERDF and CF investments to forge a greener Europe. A selection of key investment indicators are presented below.

New capacity of renewable energy
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Reduced energy consumption in public buildings
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People with improved drinking water
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People with improved waste water treatment
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Roads constructed or upgraded
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An Inclusive Europe

Promoting sustainable and quality employment, social inclusion, combating poverty and discrimination and investing in education, training and vocational training for skills represent the main social pillars of the ESF and ERDF during 2014-2020. A selection of key investment indicators are presented below.

People benefiting from health services improvements
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