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URBACT - Urban Development network programme

The URBACT network is a European exchange and learning programme financed by the Commission under its territorial cooperation goal as part of its programmes on interregional cooperation. The aim of the network is to stimulate innovation in urban regeneration by encouraging towns and cities to identify, transfer and disseminate good practice.

In the 2014-20 programming period, the initiative continues as URBACT III. The programme covers all Member States, Norway, and Switzerland. It is jointly financed by the EU and the Member States, with the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) contributing EUR 74.3 million to the budget, which has seen a significant increase compared to the previous programming period.

Projects financed under URBACT III will address four main objectives:

• Improving the capacity of cities to deliver sustainable urban policies

• Improving the design of urban policies

• Improving policy implementation in cities

• Building and sharing knowledge.