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The 'nomenclature of territorial units for statistics' (NUTS) was created by the European Office for Statistics (Eurostat) in order to apply a common statistical standard across the European Union.

NUTS levels are geographical areas used to collect harmonised data in the EU. They have been used in the Structural Funds since 1988 and play an important role in allocating Structural Funds.

The current nomenclature subdivides the Member States into three categories, according to specific population thresholds:

NUTS level 1: includes smaller Member States such as Denmark, Ireland and Slovenia, the German Länder and other large regions.

NUTS level 2: includes the autonomous regions in Spain, French regions and overseas departments (DOM), Polish Voivodships, etc.

NUTS level 3: includes Nomoi in Greece, Maakunnat in Finland, Swedish Län, etc.

EU Regulations contain full definitions and listings of all NUTS regions.

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