The State of European Cities Report

The State of European Cities Report, 2016 - Cities leading the way to a better future

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This report highlights how the unique characteristics of European cities can support the EU priorities of jobs & growth, migration and climate action. Cities boost innovation, embrace people from different backgrounds and reduce our impact on the planet. Cities that operate at the metropolitan scale and have sufficient autonomy and resources can better exploit these urban advantages.

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As cities have important investment needs, EU Cohesion Policy will provide more than EUR 100 billion for projects on innovation in SMEs, social integration, low-carbon mobility and energy efficiency in the period 2014-2020. To help cities learn from each other, the report compares the performance of cities and provides examples of policies that have worked.

This report was prepared to support the Urban Agenda for the EU and the new global Urban Agenda adopted. It was jointly produced by the Directorate-General for Regional and Urban Policy of the European Commission and UN-Habitat.

More information about the data in this video can be found on the Global Human Settlement Layer site.

Presentation of the report

Presentation of the main findings of the report PDF EN

The data behind the maps, figures and tables ZIP in the report is available here and on the new urban data platform which provides access to these data and much more.

The reports build on a unique collection of urban statistics. It provides in-depth analysis of gathered demographic, economic and social statistics. It exploits other available data, for example on education level, civic involvement and environment. It also provides a typology of European cities, which allows urban audit cities to find other cities with which to compare themselves.


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