Education and training

EU Cohesion Policy invests in people's skills and competences, which are crucial for ensuring the long-term competitiveness of Europe. It is also key for promoting social cohesion – helping all citizens to benefit from the more and better jobs on offer.

Education and training is one of the eleven priorities for Cohesion Policy in 2014-2020 ("thematic objective 10").

The European Social Fund (ESF) and the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) support activities which help to:

  • modernise education and training systems, including investments in educational infrastructure
  • reduce early school leaving
  • promote better access to good quality education for all, from the primary to the tertiary level
  • enhance access to lifelong learning
  • strengthen vocational education and training systems


Thematic Objective 10: Education and training by Country for 2014-2020

Breakdown Of The Available Funds By Thematic Objective By MS For 2014-2020