Cohesion Policy making Europe fit for the digital age

EU Cohesion Policy makes a key contribution to making Europe fit for the digital age, in particular through significant financial allocations from the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) for its policy objective  aiming at Enhancing access to, and use and quality of, information and communication technologies , totalling around EUR 20 billion over the current investment period 2014-2020. See the latest information on digital ERDF investments, achievements and project examples.
The focus of digital investments under Cohesion Policy is to overcome the digital divide both socially, economically and geographically, by reaping the benefits of digitisation for citizens, companies and governments so that no EU region is left behind, in particular by:

Cohesion Policy also helps make Europe fit for the digital age by:

In view of experimenting with new approaches and for the preparation of the Cohesion Policy programmes 2021-2027, the Commission launched:

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