Impact evaluation centre

DG Regional Policy has produced a technical reference for impact evaluation on Evalsed. This includes a discussion of the possibilities and limits of the method, as well as descriptions of the main methods.

Going deeper - reference materials and resources

Impact evaluation network

We host an impact evaluation network on RegioNetwork2020.

DG Regio's spring school

We ran a spring school introducing the methods in Hungary on 15-20 May 2011. The full programme of all 22 presentations can be found on the impact evaluation network (see above), but highlights included:

  • Why impact evaluation? en Powerpoint Document
  • The logic of counterfactuals, the example of difference-in-difference en Powerpoint Document
  • First steps in impact evaluation, an example from DG Regio's evaluation work en Powerpoint Document
  • Practical issues in applying the method en Powerpoint Document
  • Three examples in practice
    • Innovation vouchers and neighbourhoods in crisis: two examples from the Netherlands en Powerpoint Document
    • Active labour market measures and entrepreneurship in Poland en Powerpoint Document
    • Integration of Roma and of disadvantaged students in Hungary en PDF document
  • DG Regio's current programme of impact evaluations en Powerpoint Document

Schools and training opportunities

Training sessions run by outside bodies include:

Other references and resources:

The World Bank's impact evaluation website
The Poverty Action Lab