EU - Chile cooperation on regional policy

Both Chile and the European Union face challenges of uneven development of the regions, urban development or restructuring of rural or other areas.

In the 8th meeting of the Chile-EU Association Committee, established by the Association Agreement, which took place on 25 November 2010 in Santiago, Chile, the Directorate General for Regional Policy and the Office for Regional and Administrative Development of Chile (SUBDERE) exchanged letters of intent establishing a dialogue on Regional Policy.

The dialogue will address, inter alia, exchanges of information and practices on policies aiming at economic, social and territorial cohesion including cross-border cooperation; on setting up and implementing regional policy and organizing territorial development strategies; on multi-level governance and partnership issues; on planning and evaluation procedures and methods.

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The main areas of cooperation for the work programme of the EU-Chile Dialogue on regional policy are:

  • multi-level governance/decentralisation, as a major challenge in Chile at the present time is the decentralisation reform. In this context, the OECD Territorial Review carried out in 2009 recommended "a stronger regional approach to economic development in order to better exploit the different opportunities of regions and to improve the country's overall performance". Moving towards an integrated territorial development approach in Chile will also require changes in order to establish a multi-level governance structure capable of context-sensitive interventions.
  • cross-border cooperation, a number of actions will be organised in 2012 (information sessions/study visits, workshop, elaboration of a guide/handbook) to enhance cooperation in Chilean border areas taking into account European experience.
  • Regional innovation strategies, namely in the framework of the project RED, co-funded by the EU.

Study visits

Study visit by representatives of Chilean regional authorities and SUBDERE, in the framework of the "Regional Innovation Strategies" programme co-funded by the EU, to Brussels, France and Spain, 11-15 July 2011

Study visit by representatives of Chilean regional governments and SUBDERE on the topic of Multi-level governance and decentralisation to France and Sweden, 28 November-2 December 2011. The main topics addressed were: experience on decentralization in Europe, fiscal and political decentralization processes, national and regional policies to attract human capital and enterprises to regions and training and capacity building mechanisms for regional civil servants, incentives, institutional aspects and resources.

Technical assistance RIS

Both sides agreed to carry out in 2013 a technical assistance project applied to the definition and management of regional innovation strategies. The project builds on the results achieved by the RED project which helped in 2011-2012 to establish and design the regional innovation strategies for some Chilean regions, and will allow other Chilean regions to benefit of the European experience.

The project concern two main activities:

  • Technical assistance to seven Chilean regions which participated in the RED project and constructed and approved regional innovation strategies. The Technical assistance will focus on the management of the strategies, evaluation and monitoring of the activities (and policies) of the system; on cluster and district innovation support methods, including vertical policy on critical technologies, benchmarking and foresight.
  • A training programme for 5 new Chilean regions on the drafting of regional innovation strategies, diagnosis and priority setting, introduction to main instruments and tools to promote regional innovation (incubators, technological parks, technological centers, risk capital providers, etc.) and inclusion of SME's into the innovation system.