Dialogue with Common Provision Regulation partners 2021-2027

Dialogue with partners at Union level in the field of the funds established by the Common Provisions Regulation 2021-2027

The dialogue with the partners defined in the Common Provisions Regulation (CPR) will continue during the 2021-2027 programming period. Article 8(5) of the Common Provisions Regulation 2021-2027 foresees that at least once a year, the Commission shall consult organisations which represent partners at Union level on the implementation of programmes.

Therefore the Commission has adopted on 9 july 2021 a Decision C(2021) 5014  establishing the group of experts on the funds established by the CPR (ERDF/CF, Interreg, ESF+, EMFAF, AMIF, ISF and BMVI). The Decision is adopted after the entry into force of the CPR (*), which constitutes the legal basis for setting up the future dialogue.
The Call for applications to select the participating partners launched following the adoption of the Commission Decision is now closed and selection has taken place. The list of organisations nominated for membership has been published on the Register of Commission Expert Groups website

See also Structured Dialogue with partners at Union level under the 2014-2020 programming period



Rules of Procedure


  • Role and Framework for partnership including specific for a ie Community of Practice , Just Transition Platform pdf
  • State of play on programming and involvement of partners pdf
  • Interactive Workshops (World Café) pdf
  • Recent development on the Cohesion Open Data Platform pdf

Minutes pdf