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Meeting of the INFORM and INIO networks of EU cohesion policy communicators

27 – 28 November 2019 - Ghent, Belgium

Meeting Report

Video report

The conclusions of the sessions and the reporting of the discussions are published in the Minutes of the meeting PDF.

Programme and documents for the meeting PDF.


Wednesday, 27 November 2019

Welcome and introduction

9:00 – 9:30

  • Mathias De Clercq, Mayor of Ghent
  • Louis Vervloet & Werner Van den Stockt, heads of the managing authorities for ESF and ERDF Flanders, Regional Government of Flanders
  • Agnès Monfret, European Commission (DG Regional & Urban Policy) and Alessandra FLORA, European Commission (DG Employment, Social Affairs & Inclusion)

Updates from the European Commission

9:30 – 10:45

Citizens‘ awareness and perceptions of EU regional policy

Results of the Eurobarometer Flash Survey 2019

  • Miruna CUGLER, European Commission (DG Regional & Urban Policy)
    Presentation PDF

Programmes 2021-2027: Communication support package

Communication chapters of programmes; Visibility and publicity requirements; Indicators & evaluation


Communication activities: Results 2019 – and what’s ahead for 2020?

EUinmyRegion; REGIOSTARS; EU delivers in the regions; The Road Trip project; Citizens’ Engagement with EDICs; At the School of Open Cohesion; Call for Media; Youth4Regions; EURegionsWeek; Dialogues with Regional Offices; Communicating Social Europe

  • Matteo SALVAI, Alexander FERSTL, Sarah DYRDA, Hanna SÖDERSTRÖM, Francesco MOLICA, Eirini NIKOLAIDOU, Florin RUGINA, Jose Antonio PINTO, Filip KRENEK and Elena PASCUAL JIMENEZ, European Commission
    Presentation - Part1 / Part 2 PDF

11:15 – 13:00

Country Team Meetings

14:00 – 17:30

Exploring ERDF and ESF projects in Ghent!

Thursday, 28 November 2019

Parallel workshops

9:30 – 11:00

Workshop 1: Boost your creativity!

Workshop 2: The psychology in communication: Leveraging insights for better results

Workshop 3a: Co-creating campaigns
Presentation PDF

  • Matteo SALVAI & Sarah DYRDA, European Commission (DG Regional & Urban Policy)
  • Gauthier BAS, OldContinent

Workshop 3b: How successful are we – and where can we improve?

  • Miruna CUGLER, European Commission (DG Regional & Urban Policy)
    Presentation PDF

Workshop 4a: Evaluating communication activities

  • Sophie BELLIENI and Diana IACOB, European Commission (DG Communication)
    Presentation PDF
  • Bea MAHIEU, Technopolis Group, Belgium
    Presentation PDF
  • Francesco MOLICA, European Commission (DG Regio)

Workshop 4b: Preparing for 30 years of Interreg!

  • Nathalie VERSCHELDE, Alexander FERSTL, Nadine LAKHAL, European Commission (DG Regional & Urban Policy)
    Presentation PDF
  • Ivano MAGAZZU, INTERACT programme
    Presentation PDF
  • Carole SOUVILLE, TESIM – ENI-CBC programmes
    Presentation PDF

Communicating together with the Member States

14:00 – 14:30

Keynote speech

  • Pia AHRENKILDE HANSEN, Director-General for Communication, European Commission

Break-out sessions of INFORM and INIO

14:30 – 15:45

INFORM: Inspirations from and for the network

Peer-to-peer exchange

  • Natasa KOGEJ & Natasa ROJSEK, Slovenia
  • Paula VICENTE & Paula ASENCAO, Portugal

How to valorise knowledge and information on programme and projects?

  • Agostinho TEIXEIRA, POSEUR, Portugal

Zero-emission communication

  • Paulo EMERENCIANO and Laura PUGIEU, Interreg MED programme
    Presentation PDF

Civic monitoring: At the School of Open Cohesion (ASOC) & Integrity Pacts

  • Anguel BEREMLIYSKY, Francesco MOLICA, European Commission (DG Regional & Urban Policy)
    Presentation PDF
  • Simona DE LUCA, Presidency of the Italian Council, Italy
    Presentation PDF

Communicating Financial Instruments

  • Katerina FORTUN, European Commission (DG Regional & Urban Policy)
    Presentation PDF

INIO: Communicating Social Europe

Meeting of the ESF communicators

  • Loris DI PIETRANTONIO, European Commission, (DG Employment, Social Affairs & Inclusion)
  • Tina ZOURNATZI, European Commission (DG Communication)
    Presentation PDF
  • 2019 ESF Communicator Award Ceremony

Video interviews with the INIO delegates

REGIOSTARS 2019: Meet the winner!

16:15 – 16:45

“Orsi Academy – Global innovator from Flanders” - Winner of the category of the year 2019 (health)

  • Luc VERAMME, chief operating officer of Orsi Academy, Belgium
    Presentation PDF

Towards an EU communicators’ network for 2021-2027

16:45 – 17:45

One network for seven EU funds – first ideas

  • Alexander FERSTL & Matteo SALVAI, European Commission (DG Regional & Urban Policy)
    Presentation PDF

Structured cooperation between Managing Authorities and Europe Direct Centres: Looking beyond INFORM and INIO

  • Alessandro GIORDANI, European Commission (DG Communication) (DG Regional & Urban Policy)
    Presentation PDF

National communication networks: What works – and what doesn’t? The experience of Sweden

  • Lina LINDBÄCK, national communication coordinator, Sweden
    Presentation PDF

Round-up & Outlook

17:45 – 18:00
  • Kim DE PAEPE & Philippe ROUSSEAU, Regional Government of Flanders, Belgium

  • Frank-Peter HEIDRICH, Regional Government of Lower Saxony (Ministry of Federal and European Affairs and Regional Development), Germany
    Presentation PDF
  • Agnès MONFRET & Loris di PIETRANTONIO, European Commission