#EUinmyregion 2019 - Video case studies

Additional tools


Send photo and footages of your project, get a 1-minute video

20 projects will have the chance to win a video produced by professional video makers. These 1-minute video case studies will explain what it the project about, and can be easily shared on a website or on social media. The storyboard should follow the steps listed below. This script, provided by the project / managing authority, will be illustrated in a short video like this one:

The applicants will have to send via wetransfer:

  • 5-10 high quality pictures illustrating the project, its context, potentially the people involved
  • If possible, some video footage (professional quality – avoid smartphone vertical format shots).
  • The 7-step scripts, with short sentences (not exceeding 15-20 words) should be sent to info@euinmyregion.eu with the subject “EUinMyRegion video

  1. Problem: initial problem addressed: “Cohesion policy is not sufficiently discussed / debated / understood at the local level”.
  2. Specifics: only x% of local elected representatives consider Cohesion Policy as a key tool to implement policies at the local level.
  3. Insight: a truth that give you the opportunity to touch your audience emotionally.
  4. Solution: presentation of the solution envisioned
  5. How it works: What has been the outcome?
  6. Proof: testimonies of participants
  7. Vision: slogan on the future of the project.