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Europe in My Region - Northwest Region of Ireland

Regional campaigns are deployed around a familiar place and highlight EU-enabled ideas and initiatives that make a difference at the local level. These regional campaigns with an ultra-local flavour and with a smile are in partnership with the Regions.

In the Communication ToolKit, you can find a project factsheet, a Press Release and visuals, texts, guidelines for Social Media, related to the campaign.

In Northwest Region of Ireland, the O’Connell street enhancement is highlighted for one month. Sometimes a bit of a space benefits us all. That’s why the town’s new pedestrian priority zone is so important. Thanks to the EU, O’Connell Street has more space than ever, creating a more accessible town centre for pedestrians and local businesses alike. All part of a continued commitment to off er Sligonians even more ways to enjoy the town they love.

Discover the regional campaigns in the regions on the map below: