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How good are you with European cultures and traditions? Test yourself!

Play the Quiz to win delicious baskets full of local European delicacies!

Winners of the Quiz (eight in total) will be announced twice a month: on 15th and 30th of May, June, July and August.


  • Aggela E., Limassol, Cyprus (31 August)
  • Klara M., Banov, Czech Republic (15 August)
  • Gergana A., Plovdiv, Bulgaria (30 July)
  • Maria G., Bucharest, Romania (15 July)
  • Benjamin B., Fontenay-aux-Roses, Île-de-France, France (30 June)
  • James H., Reading, ENG, United Kingdom (15 June)
  • Dana T., Podoli, Czech Republic (30 May)
  • Jean-Philippe V., Avezzano, Italy (15 May)