#EUinmyregion 2019 - Postcards

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Send a photo of your project, get postcards for free

Do you have a great photo of your EU-funded project?

Send it with a short description (max 30 words, including the budget of the project and the EU financing) to info@euinmyregion.eu (Subject: “EUinmyRegion postcards”) and you will get a chance to receive 300 free postcards for your own communication activities.
Photos will be selected based on aesthetic considerations, appropriateness, creativity, audience appeal, overall artistic impressions.
Not all the pictures received will be printed.
A participant / project / managing authority can send several pictures of the same project (max 5.); but only one per project will be selected.
All types of EU-funded project can participate (ERDF, ESF, Interreg, Life…).