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Photo Contest

Congratulations to the 30 winners of the 2018 EU in My Region photo contest!

Florian Juritsch (Austria), Fabrice Serodes (Belgium), Lyubomila Dimitrova (Bulgaria),  Emmanuel Lemaignen, Loic Bel, Adrien Staquet and Fabrice Menier (France), Michael Lamla (Germany), Michail Amoiridis (Greece), Carmela Gioia, Filippo Cioffi, Giovanni Sogari, Giuseppe Pignotti and Margherita Maggi (Italy), Aigars Ievins (Latvia), Bob Simon (Luxembourg), Bram Gesink (Netherlands),  Adrian Krać, Andrzej Kurzyński, Karolina Nawrot, Zane Šime and Michał Szkudlarek (Poland), Eduardo Pedro Ventura and Hugo Alexandre dos Santos Couto (Portugal), Maria Gabriela Riglea and Vasile Stoica (Romania), Marek Včelka, Susanna Včelková and Patrik Václavik (Slovakia), Sophie Pedroso (Spain).

Out of the 530 photos submitted, the jury selected the 30 winning photos based on aesthetic quality, creativity and relevance to the competition theme.

The pictures will be now compiled into an exhibition travelling around Europe. The opening stage will be in Brussels during the Region & Cities European Week, in October.