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  • Europe invests in nature for regional development


    The health and strength of our economies depend to a large extent on the health and strength of our natural environment and ecosystems. Nature forms the foundation of our food and energy systems and provides air, water, and raw materials. Restoring nature and conserving biodiversity not only makes...

    Baltic Sea Forum 2019 : no time to waste to save our planet


    The opening session of the 2019 Baltic Sea Forum showed the spirit of the Baltic Sea region for the future, especially concerning the environment, climate change and global warming. It is a huge challenge for Europe, which has to provide answers to the young people who are in the street, worried...

    Lake Pressegger See’s beauty used to deepen Austria-Italy cultural ties


    An ERDF-funded project has brought students and teachers together from both sides of the Austrian-Italian border by teaching them about their local natural treasure: Lake Pressegger See. The ERDF-funded ‘Da Passo a Passo’ project financed the organisation of an informative and...

    Attracting more wild bees in Bekkevoort, Belgium


    An ERDF-funded project aims to improve the environment and habitat for wild bees in Bekkevoort by opening up the region’s hollow roads and wooded borders. Six hollow roads – sunken country lanes with high borders on either side – are being opened up thanks to ERDF funding in...

    ESI Funds Open Data: publish graphs on your site


    The European Structural and Investment Funds Open Data platform displays how, where and when EU funding is invested in the countries and in the regions of Europe. The platform offers data visualisations at the level of EU, theme, country, funds and programmes. Raw datasets are made available from...

    Hungarian city solves rainwater drainage issue


    Damage, accidents and hazards resulting from flooding due to poor rainwater drainage have eased thanks to an ERDF-funded project. The Municipality of Kaposvár solved the problem of rainwater drainage in the city centre thanks to the EU grant. Prior to the work rainwater drained into Kapos...

    Empowering Irish consumers to cut energy use


    A workshop in Cork, Ireland held by an EU-funded project, highlighted areas where politicians and agencies can influence people’s behaviour to reduce energy consumption. The EMPOWER project aims to reduce carbon emissions from buildings, particularly medium-sized schemes, while also supporting...

    Spanish city to slash electricity use


    An ERDF-funded project aims to halve electricity consumption in the south-eastern Spanish town of Garrucha by modernising its public lighting system, cutting costs and helping to promote energy efficiency. The project intends to achieve the 50% power reduction by installing LED street lighting...

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