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  • Brochure Urban Agenda for the EU – Multi-level governance in action


    This brochure highlight the diversity and variety of actions and achievements so far. The Urban Agenda for the EU is an innovative urban policy initiative, which has put multi-level governance into action. It has enabled cities, Member States, the European Commission and other key stakeholders to...

    ERDF funds transition from ‘Grey to Green’ in Sheffield, UK


    An ERDF-funded project aims to transform Sheffield’s historic Castlegate area from ‘Grey to Green’ for the benefit of locals, visitors and commuters alike. The ERDF-funded project will transform Sheffield’s redundant inner ring road by introducing sustainable drainage, floral...

    Hungarian city solves rainwater drainage issue


    Damage, accidents and hazards resulting from flooding due to poor rainwater drainage have eased thanks to an ERDF-funded project. The Municipality of Kaposvár solved the problem of rainwater drainage in the city centre thanks to the EU grant. Prior to the work rainwater drained into Kapos...

    Gender equality: how cities can take the lead


    A new report by the EU’s URBACT programme shows how city authorities can take some simple, practical steps towards gender equality through data collection, policy and consultation – and improve daily life for citizens throughout the EU. Be it deconstructing damaging stereotypes, changing...

    Euronews – cycle friendly Budapest


    A new chapter has opened in Budapest’s public transport: the Hungarian capital joined the club of cities that offer public bike-sharing. By improving the conditions of cycling, this project aims to achieve that more and more passengers would opt for cycling as their travel alternative to reach...

    Save the date for the next Cities Forum, taking place on 30-31 January 2020 in Porto


    Dear policymakers, urban practitioners, experts, researchers, sustainable cities promoters and all those interested in urban matters, we are happy to announce that the 4th edition of the Cities Forum will take place on 30th and 31st January 2020 in Porto, in the Alfândega Congress Centre....

    Traffic overhaul for the centre of Beli Manastir in Croatia


    The ‘Traffic Centre of Beli Manastir’ project, funded by the ERDF, aims to overhaul the current traffic system infrastructure in the city centre to improve safety and attract more people to the area. The ERDF-funded project will use EUR 2 million to overhaul the traffic centre of Beli...

    Euronews – Six cities join forces to offer smart & better services to citizens in Finland


    “United we stand, divided we fall”: the ‘6AIKA - Open and Smart Services’ project is indeed all about getting stronger together. Six largest cities in Finland, namely Helsinki, Espoo, Vantaa, Oulu, Tampere and Turku, have decided to join forces to test pilot and innovative...

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