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  • Italy turns to inclusive tourism to boost visitor numbers


    The Italian region of Veneto is turning to ‘turismo inclusivo’ (inclusive tourism), which caters for groups such as the elderly, disabled, and adults with children, in a bid to boost visitor numbers. ERDF funding for this project amounts to EUR 6.5 million. As part of the initiative, 15...

    Bulgarian town restores important cultural venues


    The town of Shumen is renovating its derelict Summer Theatre and Youth House, to boost its popularity as a destination for educational and entertainment events locally and internationally. The work on both venues has a combined budget of EUR 2.5 million and is receiving ERDF support. The municipal...

    Coronavirus response and recovery: EU support for regions to work together in innovative pilot projects


    The Commission has announced the winners of a new EU-funded initiative for interregional partnerships in four areas: coronavirus-related innovative solutions, circular economy in health, sustainable and digital tourism, and hydrogen technologies in carbon–intensive...

    Smart Regions: a cross-border cycle path between France and Spain


    2021 has kicked off with a brand new episode of the Smart Regions series in partnership with Euronews. The episode broadcast on 4th January was about the Interreg POCTEFA “Ederbidea” project between France and Spain allowing 12 cross-border partners from the territories of Navarre,...

    Discover Valga-Valka - the reunited twin town on Estonia-Latvia border


    “Exactly 100 years have passed since the tiny river Varžupīte / Konnaoja divided the town of Walk into Valga (EE) and Valka (LV). Today, in December 2020, the twin town center is united again! The motto of Valga–Valka is “One city, two states”. The project aim...

    ‘Floating gardens’ planned in Germany and Denmark to nurture tourism


    An Interreg project entitled Blumen bauen Brücken, which will promote sustainable tourism across the German-Danish border region, has been launched during an online kick-off conference. The project aims to create ‘floating gardens’ around the Flensburg Fjord, a Baltic Sea inlet, and...

    Cyprus looks to the stars to boost tourism


    An ERDF-funded project will promote ‘astrotourism’ in Cyprus as a way of attracting stargazers to the island. Suitable locations for astronomical observation centres will be selected as part of the three-year project, which will then apply for Dark Sky Place certification. Dark Sky...

    Āraiši Archaeological Park, Latvia, upgrades the visitor experience


    A leading tourist attraction and site of national historical interest in Latvia’s Vidzeme region – an open-air reconstruction of a unique 8-10th century fortified residence – has a new visitor centre and protective infrastructure, thanks to ERDF funding. The reconstruction is the...

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