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  • Energising improvements to Béke primary school in Hungary


    An ERDF-funded project will finance the modernisation of Béke primary school in Hungary, including improving its energy efficiency. The project aims to reduce heat loss and greenhouse gas emissions from the primary school, thereby cutting energy use, costs and pollution. Improvements will...

    Working towards earlier diagnosis of coeliac children


    This ERDF-funded project will organise a study among children in Malta and Sicily in an attempt to improve the diagnosis process for coeliac disease among children. Coeliac disease is a condition whereby there is an adverse reaction in the intestines when wheat products are consumed. Research has...

    Facebook live debate with Marc Lemaître about the future of cohesion policy


    The Director General of DG REGIO Marc Lemaître took part in a debate staged by the Italian news agency ANSA and broadcast on Facebook. He answered series of questions about the present and, especially, about the future of cohesion policy, its priorities and the way it will continue to ...

    Getting closer to Nordic nature is good for your health


    An ERDF-funded project aims to make Nordic nature more attractive by developing new health and care services around the positive relationship between nature and well-being. The positive effects of nature on health are well-known and have been scientifically-proven. However, it would seem that they...

    Raising educational standards and facilities in Central Romania


    In a bid to provide a higher quality of education in schools and kindergartens in Central Romania, an ERDF-funded project will carry out work to improve learning for children across the region. According to the general director of the Central Regional Development Agency of Romania, Simion Crețu,...

    Addressing climate change adaptation in transnational regions in Europe


    The European Environment Agency published a paper highlighting the climate change adaptation (CCA) efforts undertaken in transnational regions of Europe. As climate change is significantly affecting maritime areas like Arctic and the Mediterranean regions, and mountainous areas, these particularly...

    Partnerships for the European Week for regions and Cities


    Are you interested in becoming a member of a Regional Partnership at the EURegionsWeek 2019 but have not yet found your partner regions or cities? Or are you looking for a region or a city to complete your partnership? Fill in the online Partner Search Form no later than February 18 and let others...

    Second report on the implementation of Macro-Regional Strategies


    On the 29th of January, the 2nd report from the Commission to the European Parliament, the Council, the European Economic and Social Committee and the Committee of the Regions  on the implementation of EU macro-regional strategies (MRS) was adopted. Therefore, conducted in the light of the...

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